Performance Incentives

Beach Games & Beach Challenge in Liguria

After the briefing at the beach all participants will get prepared for the competition and the beach challenge begins!


The beach event might imply a pronounced challenge-component (which team is first at the arrival point and resolves the tricky games?) or can be created as a team-building activity where strong cooperation between the team members characterizes the event.


Activities such as: Slackline, beach-parcours, shooting of waterbombs, sailing-competition, tug-of-war, blind boat-race, beach golf, tubing-triathlon, kayak etc.


We could offer you a wide range of beach games and create a tailor-made beach-challenge depending on the number of participants and the time schedule as well as the level of difficulty.


Please also have a look at our beach games gallery!


Our Beach-Challenge can be combined with a:

  • GPS-Tour
  • Sailing tour or competition