Performance Incentives

Paparazzi On Tour - City Event



Become a paparazzo and discover the hotspots of Ligurian coastal towns on an urban high-speed rally under the Italian sun. The aim of this team-challenge is to create a city-guidebook in very short time. The team, which collaborates best, uses the tools available to them in the most creative way and creates the best guidebook, will take the price home!


Each team is equipped by the facilitator of the photography report. The challenging task of this team event is to fill a guidebook with creative content in a very short time.


Ready, steady, go! Now the teams need teamwork, creativity and speed! Smartphones, Google etc. are not allowed. But maybe the locals can help you?


When the time is up, all teams get together at the lunch location. Here the hard work will be rewarded with Mediterranean specialties. In the meantime the jury assesses the guidebooks. Which team has designed the most creative, the most informative and the funniest city guide? Let´s celebrate the winning team


Please contact us and we will create your individual "Paparazzi Tour" in Italy!