Performance Incentives

Interactive Wine Games in Liguria

The "Interactive Wine Games" are a wine specific performance incentive at a winery or other location with different competitions such as:


  • Wine Quiz
  • Smell & Guess

  • Handy Craft Competition
  • Fumble Boxes
  • Blind Wine Tasting


A wide range of tasks can be offered in order to create a tailor-made team challenge depending on the number of participants, the time schedule and the level of difficulty.


Our service includes: proposal, preparation, concept and project board, event management on site by a professional team trainer, briefing and instruction of the presenters on site, construction and set up of the quiz, score of the results on site, honoring of the winning team, moderation of the event, clipboards and scorecards for each team.  


This event can be combined with a wine and product tasting!


Please contact us for a tailor-made wine incentive in Liguria!