Team Events

Italian Cooking Duel 

Show your friends or colleagues who is the king or queen of the cooking spoon! Within the allowed time the teams will have to prepare several Italian dishes. Our Italian chef will provide the teams with all the cooking equipment they needed to prepare the dishes for this team challenge.


Ready, steady, go! It´s cooking time. Teamwork is needed! Who should handle which task? In which order do we handle the single cooking steps in such a short time and with so little space? Which team has the best taste? Do all teams finish in time? And which team will receive the price for the winning menu? 


During this team challenge the teams will have a lot of fun and they will get to know some Ligurian specialties, such as:


  • famous Genuese basil pesto "Pesto alla Genovese"
  • fresh Italian pasta
  • fish and seafood
  • Ligurian antipasti
  • etc.


During the challenge our chef assists the teams and reveals secrets of the Italian cuisine. After the cooking duel all teams will savor the prepared dishes in form of a lunch menu! The participants will receive  a souvenir such as a small selection of recipes or an apron.


Send us your request and we will create your individual concept for a team cooking event with in Liguria