Team Events

Paparazzi Competition 

Come with your friends or colleagues to Liguria an discover Ligurian cities and take part in our "Paparazzi Competition". Just like real paparazzi, the teams will have to run through the streets and take pictures. Your task during this urban high speed rally is not to catch a celebrity but to create your own city-guide within the time allowed.


For this paparazzi competition the teams will receive a package with tasks and equipment required for their photography report. Smartphones, Google etc. are not allowed.


Only with the right portion of teamwork, creativity and pace will your guidebook win. Which team will be capable of working best as a team? Which team will use the equipment in the most creative way? And which team will win the price in the end?   


After the exhausting paparazzi competition the teams will rest in our lunch location where they will be rewarded with Mediterranean specialties. The jury will then decide on the funniest, most creative and most informative guidebook and elect the winning team of this team challenge!


Our Team Event "Paparazzi Competition" can be organized in different cities in Italy. Share with us your wishes and we will create your personal event with an individual additional program at your favourite city!