Team Events

Vespa Challenge Liguria

Close your eyes and imagine you are riding a red Vespa trough the coastal roads of Liguria. Feel the warm sun on your arms and let the wind breeze around your nose. Suddenly your colleague who is sitting behind you on your Vespa, calls: "Here it is!". You press the horn to tell your team members: "We’ve reached the goal!".


Safety first! This team event is not about speed but about fun, brain-power and a good sense of direction. Equipped with road books and GPS devices you will ride your Vespas in small teams through the beautiful landscapes of Liguria and discover hidden places and treasures. You will experience a breathtaking panoramic tour with great views of the Ligurian coast!


The hints in the road books will lead you from stage to stage. At each stage the teams have to solve tricky tasks. The team that solves all tasks will save the treasure and win the Vespa Challenge in Liguria!


During the challenge we will take a rest in a typical Italian Enoteca or in a Ligurian restaurant, where the teams can "fill up their tanks" with fresh local dishes. On request we can also combine the Vespa tour with a product tasting.


Of course we captured some our Vespa tours for you: Take a look in our gallery!


Please send us your request for an individual offer.