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GPS Teambuilding Challenge (Geocaching) in Italy

GPS challenges began in the year 2000 as the US American Dave Ulmer suggested an online community start a worldwide game. Boxes with objects of exchange and a logbook were hidden at special outdoor places which could only be found with GPS devices and the right coordinates. The only rule Ulmer defined was: „Get some stuff, leave some stuff“. This was the beginning of a new pastime for adventures and nature lovers. Soon it became one of the most popular leisure trends in the world.

Geocaching, the modern treasure hunt with GPS devices


A new leisure trend was born and the number of supporters rose more and more. Through all walks of life people started to hunt for the hidden boxes ("caches"). By today lists more than 1.5 Mio. hiding places.


We adapted the basic idea of this trend and developed an exciting and innovative teambuilding concept for groups.  

How does the GPS teambuilding challenge work?


Inspired by the idea of "geocaching", navigating and orienting through a city or a landscape builds the basic concept of this teambuilding challenge. Separated into teams the participants hunt with modern GPS devices for hidden hints, that are located at certain coordinates and points and finally lead the teams to the cache.


But we make the challenge even more difficult: Supported by encrypted hints in road books the teams have to solve tricky riddles on their way to the cache. Not only creativity and team spirit but also courage for unconventional methods are required here! The compass-needle shows the teams the right direction – but not the right way! The teams have to decide by themselves if the left or the right way is the fastest.


The affinity for games, together with creativity and team power, guarantees a great experience for your employees.


Please contact us with your preferences (place, time, number of participants, level of difficulty etc.) and we will organize your tailor-made GPS teambuilding challenge in Italy